The INFUSE token is part of a sustainable economic system that allows users to earn real yield and have a say in governance through the DAO. As a result, INFUSE will be divided and distributed in a decentralized and objective manner to reach our goals. We believe this is important to for long-term sustainability.

Total Supply Distribution

15,000,000 INFUSE (15%): Team, Contributors, and Partners.

  • 4-month cliff and 2-year vesting period

  • Vesting tokens cannot be staked

30,000,000 INFUSE (30%): Pinksale Presale

  • No vesting period

10,000,000 INFUSE (10%): Raydium Liquidity Pool

  • LP burned

35,000,000 INFUSE (35%): Infusion Fund and Staking Rewards

  • 1 month cliff and 6 month vesting period

  • Staking Rewards will be available per community proposal.

  • DAO controls tokens of Infusion Fund

10,000,000 INFUSE (10%): Marketing and Community Incentives

  • 10% Unlocked at Launch

  • 90% Vesting over 1 month

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